A warm welcome to Instantor, we hope to have you up and running with our product soon. Please find a description of the Instantor workflow and instructions for integration below.
Welcome to the Instantor integration documentation! There are two parts when it comes to getting up and running with Instantor. The Instantor Widget and the Instantor report delivery. In this documentation you will find all the necessary information on how to integrate the Instantor Widget on your website as well as how to prepare for the report delivery.
How Instantor works
Generally speaking the Instantor Widget is placed within the application flow on the webpage of the client. Once a customer lands the Instantor Widget on the client webpage, this marks the start of the Instantor process. Any data collected from the bank during the process will be encrypted and send as HTTPS POST request to a client's predefined endpoint URL. Meaning you will be required to provide a callback URL to Instantor. Once you have received the report in a JSON format, you will be able to use your decision engine based on the data we provide.
The Instantor Widget is a script is the portal to the Instantor service.
Any business or organisation that is using Instantor products and services.
Any individual that is customer to a client.
Product Key
A unique identifier for your product configuration
Decryption Key
A key used to decrypt the report delivered to you
Callback URL
An endpoint within your IT infrastructure, that can receive the encrypted reports

Not already a client?

Reach out to our team at our website or send us an email and we'll happily tell you more about our services.
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