Pre-select a bank
The .frameParam can be used to pre-select a bank and skip the bank selection step.
The frameParam method is an optional method used for altering the behaviour of the Instantor Widget.
instantor.frameParam(key, value)
key (string)
Widget Information key
value (string | boolean)
Widget Information value

Available key-value pairs

debug (bool)
If set to true, all events are logged to console. Default is false.
bankID (string)
This method is used for loading the Instantor Widget with a bank preselected, omitting the step which requires the customer to choose a bank. Providing an incorrect bankID fails silently and the bank-chooser component is displayed as fallback.


const instantor = new Instantor('');
/* Set user-specific parameters */
instantor.frameParam('bankID', '4242');
Ask our tech support to provide the bankIDs for the banks you require.